Sunday, June 8, 2008

Went to Cat and Thomas again!

I only went up to he PKR this weekend only to check on the kiosk. I didn't walk the trails. I had another urge this weekend to go back to Cat and Thomas mountains to attempt and finish what I began two weeks ago dealing with all the blow down on the orange and blue trails.

Let me say that I overestimated and underestimated some things. I overestimated how in shape I am (for 45 I am ok), and I underestimated how much wood I had to chop. I know have a little cheese with that whine.

I decided that I would work up the orange trail to the cabin and try and clear the road so hikers can walk in unhindered. I should have realized what I was getting myself into when the first log was a 14 " oak that I had to make two axe cuts in to clear. My first chop from my new razor sharp Snow Neally axe bounced off. I eventually (20 min later finished what I was set out to do) and lets just say that I was all warmed up. Fortunately, the rest of the dozen or so trees that blocked the path to the cabin were either pine or maple, both woods cut well and many were one cut removals.

I took a water and food break at the cabin and decided that even though the temp was about 88 and humid, that I had a little more to give and started down the blue trail. This is where the blow down was the worse. Many small trees and tree tops down across the trail, blocking the treadway. About 2 hours later, with only 0.5 mile left to clear I had too call it a day. It was real hot, I finished my fourth qt of water and was out and I was literally drenched in sweat. I thought that before I got hurt or sick that I had to give this one to the mountain. On my way to that point I even passed by some larger trees that can easily be stepped over and one that you have to duck under unhindered in order to save energy to remove those trees that blocked the tread. These I will get after the last half-mile is cleared.

Anyway, I was happy with the work that was done and I think that other then a couple of snags, that the blue trail will be more enjoyable for the hiker.

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