Sunday, May 17, 2009

Red Eft Sighting

Went up today after Saturday night's rain storms and high wind gusts to check and see how the new waterbar drained and to check for any blowdown. I was very pleased to find that all the trails are clear and that the new waterbar worked perfectly. I even checked the grade of the channel with a hand level and everything was fine. I was worried that a lip at an edge of a drop off would have to be cut but it is not an issue.

On the way up on a cool breezy Sunday morning I spotted my first red eft newt of the season. He looked cold, but he was out.

While I was up there I also did a little sidecutting to make the trails easier to follow.

Remember if it is cool and breezy the bugs will stay away...well unless they are real hungry.

The waterfalls was gushing today with all the rain that we had. I had to stop a moment and just watch.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Kiosk Full

I did not have time to hike today, but I stopped by and refilled the kiosk with newsletters and a bunch of trail guides. Enjoy the hike and please contact me if you notice any problems



Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cool and Breezy Mother's Day but...

...No bugs!!!!! Got up early today and cruised the PKR to check on the new waterbar I installed earlier in the year. I needed to hurry to get home in time to make breakfast for my wife. The trails look great and the waterbar seems to be doing what it is supposed to, so a good day.

Besides a spring day without black flies the wild flowers are more prevalent and I saw an owl take off in from of me for an added bonus. I saw him on the last switchback to the right as you head to the falls on the B tr.

The waterfalls is flowing nicely with the recent rains so take your mother for a little hike today.