Saturday, August 23, 2008

Been Camping

I have not been up on the PKR for a couple of weeks. I have been busy camping and scurrying around with end of the summer stuff. I am going up tomorrow evening to stock the literature at the Kiosk. We have a paid steward who is patrolling all the LGLC preserves and has indicated to me that the PKR is in good shape.

I was also informed that a group of teens, under supervision have begun to cut some of the shrubby honeysuckle that has invaded the gazebo clearing. That is the piles that you see. Just letting you know that is a good thing. I have been told that they made a good dent in this problem.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

It rained...

...but I still took a spin on Pilot Knob Ridge today as I had not been there for a while and I need to take a walk around with all the rain that we have had lately. And yes it rained yet again today.

Are you sick of the rain?

Anyhow, today I went up to check the trails and to replace some trail marks that were poached. I just happened to take my axe with me just in case. Good thing I did as there was a fairly large maple down across the blue trail. It was taken care of. I also worked on an area on the orange trail just before the trail reaches the drive. On this section of trail there are a couple of sharp switchbacks and I found a herd path that was cutting them off. I blocked the herd path and placed a lot of natural debris on the trail to both make it disappear and to make it difficult to walk on.

I also found a few purple loose strife plants growing in this area and took care of them. Purple Loose strife is considered a very aggressive invasive plant, one that you don't want to see on a nature preserve.

That was it. The falls are flowing and the trails are in good shape.

When you hike the trails this time of the year you will notice a difference. The woods are alive, but quiet and not as busy. Almost calm as the forest is reaching maturity and many of the new born animals are reaching adulthood...the pace seems to lesson. Probably the increased availability of food the forest now provides has something to do with this. Or maybe it is that the weather being so hot just slows everything down so we all can stop and enjoy the perfume of nature in summer.