Saturday, September 13, 2008

Blue Trail Clear!!!!!

Today during the special work outing at Cat and Thomas Mt's we were able to finally clear the Blue Ridge Trail that will make a loop hike at this preserve located in Bolton Landing NY much more enjoyable. This will mark the the third time I have been up on Cat and Thomas Mt to clear the blowdown from the ice storms last winter and with a last push from from a scheduled work day by the LGLC . Now I am happy to say that all of the trails are clear and ready for eager hikers.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sadly Summer is Coming to an End

I have not been able to hike Pilot Knob Ridge since August 2nd and I was very happy to see that the trails are in great shape after such a wet summer. I had re-supplied the kiosk with 50 trail guides on the Aug 25th, but when I arrived this morning the all the trail guides were gone…sorry. I went to check the logbook, but it looks like the Stewards Assistant for the LGLC has been by to collect them. I am interested as to the number of people that have hiked the PKR within the past two weeks.

You will notice a couple of brush piles up by the Gazebo, this is a very good thing. Some time in mid-august a group of teens under supervision hack and chopped some of the invasive shrubby honeysuckle that has contaminated this part of the preserve. They have put a dent in the problem, but there still is more work to be done. Since they have begun, I am going to try and cut a couple of honeysuckle each time I go up. It will take only a few moments and some wise man had said that a dipping faucet still fills the pail.

You will notice a difference in the woods along the B tr. if you are a regular. You will notice how quiet the woods have become. Sure you will hear a bird from time to time; in fact I heard a chipping sparrow that was pointed out to me on my Northville-Placid hike in to the West Canada Lake region of the Adirondacks. However, what is missing from this spring is the active pace that the woods seemed to have. Nothing wrong with that, as quiet is nice too. It is nice to hike this time of year as the days are cooler and the woods change so much from week to week.

Pilot Knob Ridge gets a sign Thanks Tony and Brett

Look at the leaves Fall is right around the corner!!!!!

A red eft, I was surprised to see this little guy.