Friday, May 23, 2008

Tough Choice Tonight.

I would like to cruse Pilot Knob Ridge and work a little on the shrubby honey suckle infestation in the gazebo clearing, but I have an opportunity to work on the blue trail at Cat Mt. I have a rare entire day to do trail work and I think that given the state of that trail and that fact that we are at the start of the hiking season, that I will go there tomorrow. Before I go though I am going to stop at the PKR Kiosk and drop of a stack of trail maps.

We have had wet weather, but no bad weather since I last hiked the trails so I am confident that the trails are in good shape. I only have couple of trail markers to replace and the post at the gazebo clearing needs a couple of new markers, but these are minor fixes that can wait a week. I also would say that the waterfall is flowing well and will be worth a hike up to the falls.

Have fun

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