Saturday, May 10, 2008

A little brushing today

I went up to the Pilot Knob Ridge Preserve today to brush out the trail. Brushing the trail for the most part is taking a pair of limb loppers and cutting anything that falls with a 4x8 window with the center line of the trail. Like if you were carrying a door in front of you and cut anything that hits the door. Also, I had to cut away any new growth that blocked some of our trail markers. I did not have too cut much and the trails are for the most part dry and all clear waiting for hikers to enjoy it's winding spender!

Took a couple of pictures today something to show the kids to help motivate them to join you. I always find and see something every time I go out to visit the PKR.

This rock feature is located on the blue trail loop just up from the intersection at the falls. With a little imagination and story telling it could become a wood elf house. Okay I'm reaching, but I used to have to get creative with my kids.

This is one of many open wood areas that offer the birders a chance to see birds they are watching a little more upobstructed. I am not great at bird identification, but I heard a bunch of different calls today and saw a lot of movement as I worked up the trail. I think that if you are a bird watcher this would be a great place to sit and quietly watch the birds flit around in there quest to survive and thrive.

Saw this little nest right next to the trail. Looks like last years.

All in all it was another great day at the PKR. One sour note. At the beginning of the blue trail there is a 4x4 post with trail markers on it, well someone decided to take a couple of trail markers as souvenirs and the post my be a little confusing, so when you are at it just look around for the blue and orange markers to pick up the trails. You will spot them easily. I will fix it when I go up again within two weeks.

Oh, to leave on a positive note. My first waterbar that I put in on the blue trail above the falls worked great and held up to all the rain we had. I learned a lot for making that one and feel confident that I can construct more to help keep the PKR trails in good shape.

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