Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fall Foliage

For the next two weeks Pilot Knob Ridge will be a great place to view Lake George at the height of its fall foliage glory. The trails are in great shape and the trails have been remarked.

Go and hike the PKR and more.


Stephanie said...

Enjoyed hiking up Pilot Knob today. Beautiful view at the top.

One problem: there were not enough orange trail markers for us on the way up (the steeper path). We were off the trail at least four times. We were not alone--another group also got lost, had to make their way through lots dense bushes near the top.The way back was much better!

Matt said...

Stephine- I am sorry it has taken me this long to respond. I didn't get the e-mail notice that you have left this comment. I went up on the 4th and put up a lot of orange markers, with that said, I have been having problems with trail marker poachers all year and one or two makers poached at critical locations will make the trail hard to follow especally when the leaves are falling. I will be going up this weekend (Oct 24th or 25th) and I will be looking at all the trails. Thank you for passing on this information. Please contact me at as I will get the message faster.

Thank you,


Matt said...
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