Sunday, March 29, 2009

Why Rain Gear is so Important

I went up to Pilot Knob Ridge today in the rain to replace trail markers and to check a see how the water was draining off the trails. By doing this I was able to identify four locations where I will have to install a waterbar and by doing this I was able to figure a better way to fix one location that has been on my list for a few months.

A little perk of this job is you are out in the woods during some real pleasant times. The woods were quiet and the animals were actually moving and active, and since the woods are so quiet I was able to move closer to them, than I usually do. Even though it was pouring it was a pleasure to be out in the woods. You should already have some rain gear with you anyway, if you don't the predictable unpredictable Adirondack weather will make sure you have some with you. If you have some decent gear you will be able to comfortably go out on less than perfect days and see the woods from a different perspective. Always remember to watch your footing and beware of thunder...thunder bad.

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