Sunday, November 23, 2008


I took a friend up on the PKR trails on a frosty late November day. It was his first time up and I think that he enjoyed his hike. This little preserve has a way of growing on you.

I didn't see anyone and only saw a few squirrels and a late in the season chipmunk. That was a little surprising as they usually are are all tucked in for a long winters nap by now. With the cold snap that we are having the ground is frozen solid, so the flurries that have fallen over the past couple of days have stuck in isolated pockets creating some beautiful scenes.

The waterfall is stunning as it is an ice falls already!!!! Last your it was flowing free into late December.

Looking out from the Gazebo, we could see that Warner Bay was frozen from shore to shore to the 5 mph zone. I feel bad for one pontoon boat owner, whose boat is frozen solid in the Lake. It was nice at the Gazebo as the air was crystal clear and we could see north far into the Adirondacks. You can see that the snow guns were blazing on Gore. I hope that the ski areas have a good year. The irony will not be lost on me if this year turns out to be one of the best for snow, but no one has any money for a ski pass.

Use care on the trails as there are a couple of icy spots, but other than that there are no issues effecting you travels on the PKR.

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