Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall at Pilot Knob Ridge

Finally made it up to the PKR after a month away. I missed this little preserve. I took some pics for you to enjoy.

You can see the mist on Lake George as there was frost on the pumpkin and the water is still a balmy 60 F. Anyone want to go swimming?

Here is a good example of why it is a good idea to hike at different times of the year. This is a 30 foot high rock face that is obscured when the leaves are out, but is as clear as day when the leaves have dropped. Another little feature of this marvelous preserve.

Here is a shot that shows some of the color this young hardwood forest offers.

Shot from the gazebo at early morning.

Here is an example of how the trail can disappear in the fall. You are looking up a well trod section of the blue trail and it is almost gone. If you look close in the picture you can see the blue trail markers. At this time of year it is good to keep a close eye on the trail markers. During the fall season sometimes the trail can vanish. This is also why you will notice that the PKR trails are a little over marked. There is a reason to our madness...sometimes.

Anyway the trails are great and this is a good time to be outside. Cool weather and no bugs. Also you can enjoy the army of grey squirrels scurrying through the leaves burying there acorns for winter use.

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