Thursday, July 3, 2008

A little Maintance.

Before I headed out for a short camping trip on Lake George I took a spin on the PKR trails (7.1.2008) and did a little work. I removed a tree that crossed the trail on the upper blue trail and I cut a little of the brush growing around the gazebo that was blocking some of the views. With a thunderstorm approaching I had to leave a couple of trees. I have removed most of what I set out to do...just enough to open the view to the lake from the gazebo. I left a lot of the other growth that is growing in the clearing. We have to remember that this is a Nature Preserve and any cutting is to the bare bones minimum.

So while you are there enjoy the view for a while at the gazebo, then go hike the blue trail, being very quiet and take pleasure in the wildlife that is all around you and the true gift that this little piece land gives us.

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