Saturday, March 29, 2008

Winter Wonderland a the PKR

While this winter seems to be lingering a little too long, still it has offered some stunning days. Today was one of them. I had an opportunity to hike the Pilot Knob Ridge Preserve today and was greeted with an early spring wonderland. The trees and forest floor were covered with a little new snow from the day before and when you add the bright cloudless day to that you are left with a brisk mix of wintry splendor.

There is something wonderful that happens when you enter into a woodland with a fresh layer of snow. Rock formations seem to pop out at you when contrasted against the clean snow. Today I noticed a couple of interesting ones on the last half of the blue trail. Also, you notice the movements of animals as they get through their day. I cut a fox trail and I saw where an owl or hawk captured a small rodent. Some of this would have been missed if I didn’t go hiking because I was sick of the cold and snow.

The trails seem better, but still a little tricky when descending. I caught myself a couple of times with my hiking pole. A one nice thing (of many today), I was able to park in the parking lot. Maybe that can be counted as an official sign of spring. There is enough room for about 4-5 vehicles.

The waterfall was still a big block of ice, but the water is surging underneath…it is just a matter of time.

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